HES, CSCI E-15 Dynamic Web Applications

I am looking forward to the start of the spring semester at HES and the first of the 3 required courses for admission into the program. The course will focus on development using PHP and the Laravel framework, which feels (comfortably) similar to Ruby on Rails.

The course textbook comes from LeanPub, which is another pleasant surprise since they tend to offer approachable, hands-on publications. That said, I am getting a head start and pushing my commits onto Github and soon to deploy onto Digital Ocean (we will be using it for hosting our apps this semester).

HES & CS50 Final Project

As part of my preparation for the start of graduate studies in software engineering at Harvard Extension School (HES) this semester, I enrolled in CS50 via edX.

The course was great! edX did an awesome job of posting all the course material, which very closely resembled the same course offered at HES itself.

Otherwise, the lectures, homework and final project were challenging; for my final project, I implemented an AngularJS application inside my existing RoR app (StormSavvy).

How to Create Clean Seed Files in RoR?

Brief video on setting up clean seed files for your RoR project.

Seed file can be difficult to work with, especially as dataset grows with your application. Several strategies that I have found useful:

  1. Use comments and print statements as a guide
  2. Store  attributes in a hash, then pass them into new records
  3. Build out incrementally so that you can check errors
  4. Remember to link up records using user_id, etc.