Option Alpha: Strategy Performance & Win Rates

I have enjoyed my learning on the Option Alpha platform and wanted to share more about their methodology since it is excellent resource for options trading and strategies.

Specifically, they focus on leveraging selling option premium, implied volatility and risk-defined strategies for more consistent return while minimizing portfolio risk and volatility.

The proof is in the numbers, so they have posted their real-time portfolio performance metrics which outline the most successful strategies over thousands of trades.

As mentioned previously, they offer free full video course tracks, podcasts on iTunes and publications on their website. In addition, their premium services include full access to their membership forum, real-time trade analysis/alerts, automated software tools and many more features.

Personally, I enjoy their education-first and by-the-numbers approach which takes the guessing out of trading and focuses on risk-defined strategies.

Kudos again to Kirk and Option Alpha for their hard work on building out such an excellent platform!